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Why make do with just the standard additive package contained in many engine oils? Your engine deserves something better. Motor sport professionals swear by the performance-enhancing effect of Louis Tech engine oil additive; it delivers similarly impressive results in road traffic or in challenging offroad conditions, and it increases the service life of your engine.

Product information: High-performance additive that optimises, protects and cares for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines with or without wet clutch. Improves the viscosity and temperature behaviour of the engine oil and effectively reduces abrasion, friction and wear in all components.
Prevents the formation of dangerous hot sludge. Offers reliable emergency running characteristics. Protects and lubricates all seals, incl. radial shaft seals, and prevents them from hardening. Neutralises harmful engine acids. Ensures optimum smooth engine running. Increases the engine's service life, if used regularly. Reduces oil and fuel consumption.

How to use: Add to fresh engine oil following a complete oil change. One can is sufficient for up to 4 litres of oil. Then ride 10-15 kilometres to allow the additive to mix thoroughly with the engine oil. Always observe the maximum oil-filling quantity specified by the manufacturer - this must not be exceeded. Reduce the oil quantity accordingly when using Louis Tech engine oil additive. Important: In motorcycles with manual transmission, the ratio of this high-performance additive to the total oil volume must not be more than 10%.

Contains: 200 ml

Caution. May cause allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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