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Welcome to the world of Kriega, where everything revolves around high-quality, robust, top-designed and practical luggage and bags and accessories for motorcyclists. For example: the Kriega *OS-32* luggage bag for fatigued adventurers. It is part of the Overlander System (OS) series from Kriega. The large *OS-32* is a soft, versatile and very durable adventure bag and is specifically designed for riding in the most demanding terrains. It can be used as a standalone 32 liter saddlebag
or be combined with other bags from the OS range to create a multi-pack storage system. Absolutely Kriega!

  • with waterproof roll-top closure, the contents of the bag are protected from moisture by a removable white inner pocket
  • made of the highest quality, abrasion resistant and durable textile materials
  • structured box shape for effortless packing and best load control
  • with hooks made of aircraft aluminum
  • Installation and removal of OS-SOFT saddlebags on your motorcycle takes less than a minute with two quick release straps and buckles. The same straps hold the panniers firmly in place. No additional lashing straps are required
  • Reinforced carrying handle
  • Kevlar® webbing
  • Security cable block for theft protection
  • hi-vis details for better visibility
  • shoulder strap loops
  • the *OS-32* pannier is the basis for various add-on options with a total of 16 connection points
  • volume: approx. 32 liters
  • weight: approx. 2600 g
Dimensions (H x W x D): approx. 400 x 420 x 190 mm

Good to know:
For the Kriega *OS-32* saddlebags, case frames must be attached to the motorcycle. These are model-specific and available as accessories. Once the frames are installed, there are two options for mounting the *OS-32*:
1. as traditional saddlebags with Kriega *OS-STRAPS*.
2. by means of a specially designed Kriega frame-mounted *OS-PLATFORM*.

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